Site Redesign

My website was birthed in the Spring of 1997 on Compuserve during the age of dial-up modems.  It migrated to Mindspring in 1999 and finally to its own domain in 2002.  It's long past due to leave hand-coded HTML behind and switch to a modern, mobile-friendly content management platform. I've learned a lot from the hands-on approach.  But it was cumbersome, time-consuming, and now a barrier rather than an educational opportunity.  My creative content was spread across various services because that was easier than coding for it to be hosted on my website.  So this redesign is an effort to fix those issues.

Some content has lost its relevance and will be retired during the revamp.  A case in point will be the downloads that were created for dumb-phone models sold 15 years ago.  Also, all geocaches, terracaches, and letterboxes were adopted by new owners more than a decade ago and the XTILES experiment never took off.  I'm sure other pages will be will be decommissioned as migration progresses.

I've helped others move to the web and had the chance to play with different solutions.  From Joomla to Wordpress, it's been hard to find something I was happy with. l circled back to Squarespace since I didn't want to spend a lot of time managing the platform versus creating content.  So let the tweaking, and more importantly, the posting begin!