Yelp Elite 9 Years Running


YAY! I just received the acceptance notice that, for the ninth year in a row, I've been accepted in the Yelp Elite Squad. So far, I've posted 515 photos and 462 reviews on their site, mostly for restaurants. Speaking of which, Yelp gets full credit in teaching me how to spell "restaurant!" I really don't leverage my Elite status since the events aren't really a match for a senior teetotaler geek like me. So bragging rights are all I have, and I just had to flaunt it at least once.

Don't fret that I'll be populating my news feed with Yelp reviews.  Restaurants and travel reviews don't fit the "creative endeavors" theme of this website. In the unlikely event you really want to see those reviews and photos, you can find them at  Otherwise, you probably won't hear about Yelp on this site again until the year 2019, when I hope to boast about achieving 10 years of Yelp elitism.