Haglund's Surgery Week 6

MON 04/22

Standing on my own two feet again

Standing on my own two feet again

I’m crutch free after getting the “all clear” from the therapist at today’s PT. So it’s only the protective boot remaining, which is far easier to deal with than the other contraptions. Although they served their purposes well, it’s nice to be rid of them. On the downside the right foot did more work and there was a bit of ache and swelling so I iced it that evening.

TUE 04/23

I went into the office today, which meant a lot of walking. The foot is a bit tender from the extra weight it’s now carrying so I gave it an icing after lunch and again after dinner.

WED 04/24

Another day at the office and the foot is handling the extra weight bearing better each day. There’s not as much swelling, but still a bit tender so I again gave it another icing.

THU 04/25

I had physical therapy again today and it went well. I didn’t have to ice the foot from the extra weight or the exercises that I did today. I even managed to get in a cardio workout before supper. The scar therapy is going well and I’ve figured out a routine: After my morning shower (which includes a special antibacterial soap for the right foot) I swab the incisions with alcohol to ensure no contamination from drying off or the short walk to sit on the bed. Then I put a single tiny drop of scar serum on each incision and massage it only into the scar area, being careful not to spread it too wide. That’s so the oily serum doesn’t interfere with the scar sheets when I re-apply them.  Before bedtime I remove the scar sheets and stick them to a plastic sheet for overnight storage. I then swab the incisions with alcohol before a thorough massage with the scar serum. To prevent the serum from getting on the bed sheets, and to protect the foot, I put on a clean pair of socks and sleep in those.

FRI 04/26

The scar therapy recommends a firm massage of the incisions—as much pressure as they can stand. I’m not having any tenderness in the scar itself, so I’m able to apply plenty of pressure. The back of the heel, however, has a deep ache beneath skin level. Considering I had a chunk of bone removed, four holes drilled into it, and then my Achilles bolted to that, it’s not surprising that it’s quite tender to pressure. The boot protects my heel from getting a serious bang, but it actually makes me a little queasy thinking about it happening, so I don’t dwell on that!

Healing progress: foot bottom

Healing progress: back of heel

Healing progress: heel & ankle