Haglund's Surgery Weeks 7 & 8

Because progress is increasingly more gradual, this journal entry spans two weeks. And the next entry will probably be for a month at minimum.

MON 04/29

As part of today’s PT the therapist did a strength test and measured my foot’s range of motion. I’m ahead of schedule and almost have the full range of motion. Today I also start wearing the boot without the large heel wedge (which points my toe downward and relaxes the tension on the Achilles tendon).

TUE 04/30

Spent about 8 hours on my feet touring downtown Nashville, so I used the heel wedge and inflated the boot to reduce the impact of all the walking. The 4+ hour ride to Nashville and back provided plenty of downtime for the foot to offset the walking. As did a 4 hour ride for a round-trip to a birthday party on the following Saturday.

I also noticed today that my right foot is noticeably smaller than my left. Am I just now noticing this since I’m looking at my feet more? The surgery shouldn’t have changed my footprint since the bone removed was high on the back of the heel. When I align my heels the right foot’s toes fall significantly short of the left foot’s.

My feet are different sizes! Note where the left toes reach versus the right.

My feet are different sizes! Note where the left toes reach versus the right.

WED 05/08

I had my second post-op appointment and I’ve been cleared to drive! It makes the foot tender, but the freedom is worth the discomfort. I’ve also been okayed for swimming laps (but not aqua aerobics). I’ll have to be in the boot another week. Then the following week I can be out of the boot for an increasing two hours per day. When out of the boot I have to wear supportive athletic shoes along with my Achillotrain brace and the heel wedge it comes with (soft silicon and smaller than the hard foam wedge that was in the boot). And that’s the same footwear that I should drive in as well.

THU 05/10

My first swim since the operation and it felt good. I had a preparation and redress routine beforehand. But it’s a bit rusty and needed adaptation to include the boot. And since it’s no longer chilly I don’t have to have a full shower and dress routine. I can simply towel off and drive home and finish there instead.

SAT 05/19

Rainy weather has dampened my desire to drive. So it’s been limited, which is good because it does make my heel ache. I did my second swim today (the pool closes early on Fridays so I missed that day) early in the morning. Then I went to see a 3+ hour movie. But after that I the rest of the day resting my foot and letting my wife do the driving for the remainder of the weekend.

Scar on bottom of heel is looking much better

Ankle incision is redder than before, but still healing. The shine in this photo is because it’s after applying the scar serum.